Registration for the AAJ 2022 Annual Convention is open!

Register online for the AAJ 2022 Annual Convention today.

Interested in joining AAJ and attending the Annual Convention? Click here for more information.

Convention Eligibility:

Attending an AAJ convention is an exclusive benefit provided only to the following AAJ member types and their guests:

• Regular
• Sustaining
• President’s Club
• Life
• Paralegal Affiliates
• Government
• Military
• Retired
• Law Students
• Law Graduates
• Law Professors

In addition, Judges, State and Provincial Trial Lawyer Association Executive Directors, and Staff are welcome.

For details on joining AAJ, call 800-424-2727 or 202-965-3500, ext. 8611, Monday through Friday, 9:00 am–6:00 pm ET , or join online at

Registration Rates:

Name Category Registration Fee
Attorney - Education Only - Full Rate - 10 or more years in practice Attorney $1,525.00
Attorney - Education Only - Full Rate - Less than 1 year in practiceAttorney$1,060.00
Attorney - Education Only - Full Rate - Less than 10 years in practiceAttorney$1,325.00
Attorney - Total Package - Full Rate - 10 or more years in practiceAttorney$1,625.00
Attorney - Total Package - Full Rate - Less than 1 year in practiceAttorney$1,150.00
Attorney - Total Package - Full Rate - Less than 10 years in practiceAttorney$1,425.00
Attorney - Weekend Registration Rate (Saturday & Sunday)Attorney$1,050.00
Attorney Monday Daily RateAttorney$635.00
Attorney Saturday Daily RateAttorney$635.00
Attorney Sunday Daily RateAttorney$635.00
Attorney Tuesday Daily RateAttorney$635.00
Guest Registration Full RateSpouse/Guest$640.00
Law Graduate - Education OnlyLaw Graduate$225.00
Law Graduate - Total PackageLaw Graduate$325.00
Law Student - Education OnlyLaw Student$225.00
Law Student - Total PackageLaw Student$325.00
Mass Tort Seminar ~ Friday, July 15, 2022Seminars$295.00
Paralegal Affiliate - Education Only - Full RateParalegal Affiliate$895.00
Paralegal Affiliate - Total Package - Full RateParalegal Affiliate$1,025.00
Paralegal Monday Daily RateParalegal Affiliate$635.00
Paralegal Saturday Daily RateParalegal Affiliate$635.00
Paralegal Sunday Daily RateParalegal Affiliate$635.00

Take Advantage of Registration Discounts:

Lawyers attending their first convention, who were first admitted to practice with bar dates within the past 10 years, receive a 50% discount on the full registration rate.

Paralegals attending their first convention receive a 50% discount*

Three or more members from the same firm may take advantage of a 10% discount on registration fees if they register at the same time.

* Note: Discounts do not apply to the daily rate. These offers not valid with any other discount.

Continuing Legal Education (CLE):

Earn MCLE and AAJ Education credits*, including ethics credits, in four days. If you have specific MCLE questions, please call the CLE Assistant at 800-622-1791 or 202-965-3500, ext. 8335

* Note: Number of credits may be vary depending on calculation method used by individual state accreditation agencies. All credits, including ethics, are pending review by these agencies. AAJ is a State Bar of California MCLE approved provider. Available CLE/MCLE credits are contingent upon approval from state bars and/or MCLE boards and may vary by jurisdiction.

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